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WGF has provided equipments like computers with LCD monitors, printers and stationary for pastoralist community schools and implemented different sanitation training & campaigns.

Orphaned and Vulnerable Children

The target area, Madda Walabu district and its vicinity have been affected by prolonged separatist and current inter clan conflict which resulted in social problems in the area. WGF strongly believes that education is important in building long-term peace and prosperity. School can also give children the knowledge they need as they become adults, to reduce the chances of conflict happening again. To this effect, WGF in collaboration with government, donor and the beneficiary community has implemented a project which targeted to benefit orphan and vulnerable children in the area.

Program benefits were:

  1. Supported 120 orphan children, orphaned by conflict in order to them to stay in school and finish secondary-level education.
  2. The support included provision of education materials and psychosocial support to the orphans whose parent(s) died and whose remaining parent/guardian is incapable of providing for tuition and school needs.

Donor: Global Fund through Oromia Health Bureau.