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Access to water in Madda Walabu and Dallo Manna pastoralist areas was one of the prime issues to be addressed. To access water human being and livestock have to walk long hours even over ten miles in the scorching heat, without trees to shade and no cool water to quench their thirst until they reach the water sources. This is a routine activity of the community. In response to this challenge, WGF implemented water and sanitation program to improve the access of water, motivate communities to adopt sanitation and hygiene practices among Communities. Program benefits:
  1. 16,000 community members and 15,000 animals.
  2. Constructed 12 shallow wells.
  3. Benefited villages : Oda Dima (Oda Dima community, Oda Dima2 community, Oda dima3 community), W\Duddina (W/ Guddina1 community, Sontikara community) Burkitu (Burkitu 1) Dayu ( Makannisa community ) , Kalle Golba ( Kalle Community).
  4. Managed through the developed water committee’s
  5. District Water Office provides technical support