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Dairy Goat

In Ethiopia, pastoralist areas in particular have the highest rates of poverty, the lowest human development indices and the least access to basic services compared with other areas. The livelihood of the pastoralist community mostly depends on income from livestock.

Therefore, development interventions in pastoralist area need to seriously consider the development of the livestock sector. Like most of the pastoralist areas, the target area climate and environmental factors pose risks to their livestock, and therefore their incomes from livestock continuously falling. WGF has put livestock development program as core component and has been implementing dairy goat development with the objective to increase income of target households and addressing malnutrition through increased milk production. 300 milking goats have been distributed to women with special focus to women headed households with fund from American Relief Agency

Food security

Household food insecurity is an important development challenge in Ethiopia. The problem is serious in pastoral area as the pastoral livelihoods are manly depends on limited livelihood strategies. To address the problem, diversification of livelihood activities is paramount importance. To this effect, the organization has started to undertake preliminary activities. Recently, rapid fish and other potentials food security intervention assessment has been undertaken by a team of experts from Ethiopia, USA, India and Uganda.

One of the findingse is development fish which is one of the important interventions to be undertaken in Gannale, Welmal and Yadot rivers all of them Big rivers in the pastoralist area in order to address food insecurity in the area. Based on the recommendations, WGF has developed a concept note and approaching donors